For over thirteen years Freefall has been perfecting their unique style of improvised theater. What started out as an experiment in "long-form improv" has become a fixture of the theater community in Santa Cruz. They weave strong scene work into rich and compelling stories inspiring in their audiences laughs, gasps, and tears.

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"I so enjoyed sitting at the edge of my seat and watching theater making itself out of the thin air before my very eyes. It is a thrill to participate in such an event, to be present, in a way, at the very edge of creation."   
- Aleksandra Wolska

"We left chatting about it all the way home and woke up talking about it this morning. The signs of wonderful creative inspiration."   
- Sheila Cliff

"Freefall's performances cover such a wide range of human interactions and emotions that the audience is left laughing one minute and pensive the next. Never a dull moment, these actors provide the best seat in town."   
- Kathy Normandin

"I love Freefall. Freefall's world-weaving makes for a glorious night of entertainment for those lucky enough to get a ticket. In the pure potentiality of a black box theater, the fertile minds of Freefall players go to work weaving an intimate and magical tapestry - a tale which has never been told before. I'm delighted and amazed every time I experience Freefall in flight."   
- Eric Schneider

"Freefall...a force to be reckoned with!"   
- Susan Boes, Um…Gee…Um

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